• Hinged ACL knee brace

    Hinged Knee Brace For Sprains, Strains, ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, & Meniscus Knee Injuries

    • 1x Hinged Knee Brace perfect for runners and athletes wanting to get back on their feet after sustaining a knee injury
    • For both Men & Women
    • Available in sizes Medium & Large with 2 adjustable buckle straps that keep the brace firmly in place whilst wearing
    • Can be worn to help treat and prevent a wide variety of knee injuries including Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries, Chondromalacia or irritated knee cap, Patellar tendon sprains or strains, Menisci & Arthritis of the knee
    • Great for faster injury recovery – Features 2 removable metal hinges that immobilize and stabilize the knee preventing movement which could twist and damage the knee further
    • Provides your knee with soothing compression support that eases pain and boosts circulation to the knee joint speeding up recovery
    • Lightweight breathable open patella design ideal for wearing whilst running or playing sports such as Football & Rugby
    • Silicone gel supports, cushions and protects the knee cap and patella tendon
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee for total customer peace of mind!
  • Upper Back Support Posture Corrector

    • 1x Upper Back Support Posture Corrector designed to pull your shoulders back and straighten your spine making you stand taller
    • One size fits all – With fully adjustable straps for the perfect fit
    • For both Men and Women
    • Designed to realign your upper back and shoulders, improve posture, ease back pain and recommended by physiotherapists to help treat and prevent Spinal Stenosis, Clavicle fractures, Slipped discs, Facet syndrome, Frozen shoulder and neck and shoulders strains and sprains
    • Helps eliminates poor posture habits and problems such as slouching, hunching forward, rounded shoulders, forward head, sway back, thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis
    • The lightweight, non-bulky and discreet design makes this posture correct the best choice for wearing underneath your normal clothing
    • Perfect for wearing around the house, out and about playing sports or whilst exercising at the gym to protect your back from injury
    • The soft rounded shoulder pads prevent the back support from cutting into your arms and shoulders making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time
    • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee!
  • heat pads for back pain

    Cura Heat Pads For Back & Shoulder Pain Relief


    Cura-Heat pads provide targeted soothing heat pain relief to ease minor muscular, joint and abdominal aches and pains. The heat pads have been designed to provide long-lasting heat that radiates through to the source of your pain – helping to reduce stiffness, boost mobility and relax tense aching muscles. To use, simply remove the seal on the heat pad and apply it to the painful are to ease your pain. The Cura-Heat pads contain iron, activated carbon and water and should work immediately when applied. Once the pad comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, the ingredients oxidise and produce heat. The special combination of ingredients has been formulated for constant and comforting pain relief.


    • Provides 24-hour targeted pain relief
    • Air Activated
    • Helps to ease pain, tension, and stiffness
    • Ideal for wearing whilst playing sports to improve mobility
    • Stays in place with sticky self-adhesive
    • Comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind
  • Anti Arthritis Gloves With Finger & Hand Support Compression

    • 1x pair of anti-Arthritis Gloves – These comfortable compression gloves will help to ease pain, stiffness and swelling in your hands. By providing your hands with a mild, soothing pressure and warmth these gloves will help to increase circulation and make your hands feel more comfortable.
    • Ideal for preventing wear and tear to arthritic joints in your hands
    • Can be worn to help ease and treat Arthritis and other hand injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    • Perfect for wearing whilst outdoors to keep your hands feeling warm and to whilst playing sports to help keep your hands and fingers protected against wear and tear as well as injury.
    • Orthotic compression support helps to soothe and ease the pain in your hands and fingers.
    • Compression will help to improve blood circulation to the hands
    • Fingerless to help you carry out tasks such as handling money without needing to take the gloves off
    • Available in three different sizes
    • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee which means that if you are not 100% satisfied with your new pair of glove then you can simply send them back to us within 30 days to receive a full refund. No questions asked.!
  • Orthotic Ankle Support Brace

    • This ankle support is designed to help support, protect and strengthen weakened and injured ankles
    • A great choice for wearing whilst running or playing sports
    • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Foot Arch Support Straps

    Ease your arch pain with these easy slip-on arch support straps. Helps to provide cushioning support to your arches helping to protect and support them. Ideal for treating the main causes of arch and heel pain including plantar fasciitis.

    • 1x pair of arch support straps for almost instant arch pain relief
    • One size fits all
    • These arch support are perfect for wearing around the house as there is need to wear shoes whilst you wear them. They quickly and easily slip around your feet giving your arches more support and protection
    • Helps correct biomechanical imbalances such as overpronation and supination that can lead to foot injuries
    • Cushions and protects your feet from shock
    • Ideal for treating and easing plantar fasciitis pain
    • A perfect choice for people with weak arches, high arches or flat feet.
    • Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures you are never left feeling out of pocket if the arch support straps arent right for you.
  • RevitaFit™ Trigger Finger Splint for Tenosynovitis

    • If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to treat finger-related injuries and conditions, look no further than the RevitaFit™ Finger Support Brace Splint. This brace is designed with both men and women in mind and offers a perfect blend of comfort and functionality that you won’t find anywhere else.

    • With fully adjustable straps, this finger splint guarantees a comfortable and secure fit that won’t move around, allowing you to quickly adjust the level of support and fitting that you need with total ease. This lightweight and non-bulky finger splint also provides you with more mobility in your hands and fingers, allowing you to go about your day without feeling restricted.

    • This finger splint offers protection, compression, and support to help protect and compress your injured finger. It is effective in treating other finger-related injuries and conditions such as Mallet Finger, Broken Fingers, Fractures, Locked Fingers, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, and Tendonitis

    • The finger splint features an inbuilt ergonomically designed flexible metal support splint that supports and immobilizes your injured finger in a straight and comfortable position, providing protection from excessive movement, strain, and pressure. The splint boosts blood flow in your finger by providing targeted compression to help reduce inflammation, swelling, soothe aches and pains, and provide fresh oxygenated blood to damaged cells, aiding the healing process.

    • But that’s not all! This device is not just for treating injuries, it also helps to strengthen and train the muscles, joints, and ligaments in your finger to naturally straighten and correct the shape of bent and crooked fingers over time.

    • Made from premium materials that are soft, lightweight, and breathable, it won’t rub, chaff or irritate your skin, even when wearing the finger splint for long periods. Plus, it is great for wearing while exercising, running, and playing sports, helping to protect and support your finger better.

    • We stand by the quality of our product and are so confident in its effectiveness that we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

    • So why suffer through the pain and discomfort of trigger finger or any other finger-related injuries and conditions for that matter? Get the RevitaFit™ Finger Support Brace Splint today and start feeling the difference!

  • 1X pair of knee support sleeves

    1x Pair of Knee Support Compression Sleeves

    • Introducing the ultimate solution to knee injuries – a pair of knee support compression sleeves. Designed for both men and women, these sleeves are available in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit, no matter your leg size. Whether you’re an athlete or a runner, these sleeves are the perfect choice to protect or ease your knees when running or exercising.
    • But that’s not all – these sleeves are recommended for treating and easing a wide range of knee injuries, including ACL, PCL & MCL knee injuries, Patella tendonitis, Chondromalacia, Meniscus Tears, Runners & Jumpers knee, and Arthritis. With these sleeves, you can support and stabilize your knee joint in the correct position, reducing pressure and strain off your knees to prevent injuries and wear and tear.
    • If that’s not enough to convince you, these sleeves also provide graduated compression that soothes aches and pains deep within your knee joint. They help stimulate blood circulation to reduce inflammation and swelling, reduce muscle aches and fatigue, and speed up the natural healing process of damaged tissue.
    • But we didn’t stop there – we made these sleeves from high-quality premium grade materials that are durable, lightweight, breathable, and with moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. With these sleeves, you can be sure to have the ultimate knee support without any compromise on comfort or hygiene.
    • So, what are you waiting for? These knee support compression sleeves are the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect or ease their knees. And if you’re still not convinced, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. With these sleeves, you can finally say goodbye to knee injuries and hello to a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.
  • Hinged ACL knee brace for men and women

    Hinged ACL knee brace

    • 1x Hinged ACL knee brace to help treat, ease and support an injured Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    • For both Men & Women
    • Available in sizes Medium & Large, XL & XXL (XL & XXL will fit people with plus sized knees)
    • Recommended for treating and preventing the most common knee injuries including ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tears, Meniscus Tears, Patellar Tendinitis, and Knee Bursitis
    • Features 2 metal support splints that hold your knee in the correct position
    • Gives extra support to your injured knee that can help with your recovery by providing stability, reducing pain and swelling and speeding up the healing process of damaged tissue
    • Provides soothing compression that can help ease knee pain by putting gentle pressure on the injured ACL,
    • Promotes circulation and encourages extra fluid to move out of the area resulting in less swelling, less pain, and greater range of motion
    • Made from moisture-wicking fabrics that can keep your skin dry and comfortable
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee for total customer peace of mind!
  • Raynaud’s gloves for Raynaud’s disease with grips

    • 1x Pair of Raynaud’s Gloves specially designed for people suffering from Raynaud’s disease to help prevent episodes of the condition from happening and ease symptoms if an episode does occur
    • For both Men & Women
    • Available in 3 different sizes to comfortably fit any hand type (See our size guide for more info)
    • Helps provide compression to your hands and fingers stimulating the blood vessel that provide blood to them to stop them from narrowing and improve your circulation
    • Can be worn whilst carrying out everyday activities such as gardening, typing on a computer, playing sports, driving your car and sewing and needle work to help keep your fingers nimble and prevent your hands from seizing and cramping up
    • Helps support the joint in your hands in the correct position preventing excessive movement to protect you from wear and tear, pain and injury
    • Ideal for people who are suffering from Raynaud’s disease, Arthritis, Gout, Repetitive strain injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist strain and sprains, fractures and more!
    • Made from rich cotton that is soft, highly stretchy and breathable that does not rub or chaff against your skin when you are wearing the gloves for long periods to keep your hands comfortable
    • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee!
  • Thermal winter cold winter gloves for men and women

    Windproof & Waterproof Thermal Gloves for Cold Winter Weather

    • 1x Pair of thermal gloves made from waterproof material and features windproof cuffs to help protect your hands and keep them warm during the cold winter months
    • For both Men & Women
    • Available in sizes Medium, Large & XL
    • Great for any outdoor activity including running cycling, camping, hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding
    • Features silicone strips on the palms and fingers which will give you a better more tactile grip
    • Made from highly insulating and waterproof materials that will help trap heat and insulate your hands and fingers even during the most extreme cold temperatures
    • The windproof cuffs help protect your hands from the effects of cold harsh winter winds
    • Features touchscreen enabled thumbs and index fingers allowing you to conveniently use your favourite touchscreen device without having to take your gloves off
    • Ideal for Raynaud’s disease suffers these gloves have been designed to regulate the temperature of your hands keeping them warm and preventing sudden drops in their temperatures which so often can trigger Raynaud’s disease episodes
    • These gloves are also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the skin friendly materials, soft padded inside and the breathable and moisture wicking properties of these thermal gloves that prevents rubbing and chaffing and keeps your hands sweat free, dry and comfortable even for long periods of time
    • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee!
  • Thigh Support Hip Brace for Sciatica

    • 1x Thigh Support Hip Brace for Sciatica designed to ease pressure off and release a trapped Sciatic nerve to help ease pain and improve your injury recovery
    • One size fits all – The fully adjustable Velcro straps wrap around your hips and leg allowing you to adjust the brace quickly and easily to the right support, compression and fitting)
    • For both Men & Women
    • Can be worn over your LEFT or RIGHT leg
    • Helps to support your thigh, hips and lower back in the correct position to ease pressure off your Sciatic nerve to treat and prevent Sciatica
    • Provides soothing compression to help improve your injury recovery by boosting circulation to your lower back and hips speeding up the healing process and easing aches and pains quickly and effectively
    • Can also be worn for other injuries and conditions including Arthritis, Gout, Hernias, hip flexor injury, labral tears, Hip & Groin Strains, Hamstring injuries, pulled Groin, Quad or Hamstrings, and SI joint pain
    • Ideal for wearing whilst exercising and playing sprots to support and protect you from injury and pain
    • Made from soft padded, lightweight, breathable materials with moisture wicking and antibacterial technology designed to keep you dry, sweat free and comfortable for longer
    • Includes a full 30-day money back guarantee!

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