Shoulder Supports

  • Upper Back Support Posture Corrector

    • 1x Upper Back Support Posture Corrector
    • One size fits all with adjustable straps
    • For both Men and Women
    • Designed to realign your upper back, improve posture and ease back pain
    • Eliminates poor posture by preventing slouching and rounded shoulders
    • Lightweight, non bulky and discreet design
    • Perfect for wearing around the house, out and about playing sports or whilst exercising at the gym
    • Soft rounded shoulder pads prevent the back support from cutting into your back
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!
  • Magnetic Shoulder Support brace

    • 1x Magnetic Shoulder Support brace designed to protect, support and ease your LEFT or Right shoulder
    • For both Men & Women.
    • One size fits all.
    • If you are suffering from shoulder pain or have recently suffered an injury to your shoulder wearing our specially developed orthotic shoulder support can help! Our support will provide you with a range of benefits that will help to ease your pain as well as help treat and prevent a number of different shoulder injuries.
    • Features built in magnets that provide soothing magnetic therapy to ease your upper back and shoulder (Not recommended for those who use a pacemaker).
    • Provides soothing compression to help reduce swelling and inflammation and improves blood circulation to quicken the healing process of shoulder injuries.
    • Great for treating a number injuries including Rotator Cuff Tear, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis, a Dislocated Shoulder, Frozen Shoulder as well as Arthritis.
    • Fully adjustable straps allow you to quickly and easily adjust the shoulder brace to the right support and fit.
    • Reduces pressure and tension off your shoulder, upper back and neck helping to reduce the risk of injury.
    • The super lightweight, breathable and the discreet non bulky design makes this shoulder brace ideal for wearing whilst exercising, running and playing sports.
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked!

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