Height Increasing Insoles

  • Height increasing shoe lifts

    • 1x pair of height increasing shoe lift insoles
    • Ideal for making yourself look taller and feeling more confident about your height
    • Available in three different heel heights 2.3cm, 3.3cm & 4.3cm
    • Hidden inside your shoes and out of sight from others
    • Can be worn to help treat a number of different foot problems including Leg length discrepancy
    • Orthotic support technology ergonomically designed to help correct the way your foot function when you walk, eliminating biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation which can lead to injury
    • Helps stretch out your Achilles tendon making these shoe lifts ideal for treating foot injuries such as Achilles tendinitis and lower limb problems such as shin splints.
    • Cushions your feet and protects them against shock damage
    • Inbuilt arch support takes strain off your arches and helps you too walk pain free
    • Heel cups provide your heels with more stability and balance reducing the risk of twisting, spraining and spraining your ankles
    • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Height increasing shoe lifts


    Quickly and easily increase your height by an extra inch with a pair of these comfortable to wear height increasing shoe lifts.

    • 1x pair of height increasing shoe lifts.
    • One size fits all.
    • Increases your height by 1 inch.
    • Comfortable to wear and can be quickly and easily slipped inside just about any type of footwear.
    • These shoe lifts are very discrete meaning nobody will know you are wearing them. They Can be worn with or without shoes.
    • Designed to help ease strain and pressure off your arches and reduce foot and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) with inbuilt orthotic arch support.
    • Includes 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Gel adjustable shoe heel lifts


    Boost your height and confidence today with a pair of our gel heel lift shoe inserts. These gel heel lifts make use of an innovative layer stack system that puts you in control of how tall you want to be. They are super comfortable to wear and ideal for people wanting to look taller, suffering from Leg length discrepancies, Plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis.

    • 1X pair of gel heel lifts with 10 layers in total: 5 for the left foot, 5 for the right foot.
    • Simply add or take away the stacks to adjust the height of your heel.
    • Discrete and hidden inside your normal shoes so nobody will know you are wearing them
      Uses orthotic compression technology to support and protect your feet from injury
    • Recommended for people with heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis or leg length discrepancies
    • Ideal for giving you a quick and easy boost in height and confidence
    • Designed to ease tired and aching heels making these shoe inserts are perfect for standing all day
    • Made from medical grade silicone gel that will absorb shock and support your heels better
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee
  • Gel Heel Lifts For Shoes

    • Increases your height by as much as 1-2 inches
    • Innovative adjustable layer stack system puts you in control of how tall you want to be
    • Made from medical grade shock absorbing silicone gel
    • Inbuilt arch support helps support your feet in the correct position
    • Full 30-day money back guarantee
  • HeightBoosters™ Height Increasing Insoles


    If you are wanting to make your self taller then why not try a pair of our height increasing insoles? These specially designed insoles will give you a fast and efficient way of increasing your height. Unlike with wearing high heels or Cuban heels(elevator shoes) nobody will ever know that you are wearing them. This is because they are hidden inside your regular shoes out of sight and out of mind. What is more with inbuilt orthotic support technology these insoles will not only make you look taller but they will also keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.

    • 1x pair of height increasing insoles designed to make you taller and your shoes feel more comfortable.
    • These insoles are super discrete because they hidden inside your regular shoes, so nobody will know you are wearing them to make yourself look taller!
    • Stackable layer system puts you in control of your height, simple add or takes away the layers on the insoles to adjust your height.
    • Total height gain using 4 layers = 3.5 Inches.
    • Orthotic support technology helps to keep your feet injury free by supporting and easing strain and pressure off your feet.
    • Ideal for people suffering from leg length discrepancies.
    • Shock-absorbing air cushion heel helps stop shock from damaging your heels.
    • Includes a full no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

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